Woman Shopping (A Poem)

I created this poem on Mastodon for the MastoPrompt hashtag, but I liked it enough to give it a permanent home here.

Cartoon image of a pale person with long hair dressed in femme style standing in front of a grocery store holding vegetables. Illustrating "woman shopping"

She holds in sniffles
At the stares, glares, and comments
The public gauntlet

Out only a year
A lovely trans-femme woman
Living her true self

“You’re beautiful, hon”
He said, while just passing by
“you keep your chin up”.

While looking around,
She notices some others
Giving a thumbs-up

Now wiping her tears
Gathers her armor up and
fills her shopping cart

A smile breaks through.

#sniffles #MastoPrompt #SmallPoems

(what you say to a stranger can make all the difference in the world).

Thank you

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