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Get the FAQs: Who is Jenni?

Jenni’s Space was created by Jennifer D. Liles MSW, LCSW, (Jenni) owner of Responsive Mental Health Services, LLC. RMHS LLC is a mental health practice in Independence Missouri. Jenni focuses on trauma-related and marginalization-related mental health issues with individuals and families.   She has an undergraduate degree in history from New Mexico State University and an MSW from the University of Missouri Kansas City. Jenni has spent most of her adult life working with and for marginalized folk.

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Jenni provided case management to people with developmental disabilities and co-occurring issues for five years. Later, she worked with the homeless population in Kansas City for six years. Next, she started working as a therapist full-time in 2011.  Finally, she opened her own practice in 2013. In 2020, Jenni began focusing on the issues that LGBTQIA+ people experience. She moved online only and hasn’t looked back. 

Jenni identifies as queer and bisexual. She is neurodivergent and lives with major depression, chronic intermittent pain, and significant anxiety. She has largely recovered from the severe PTSD that hindered her through her 20s and 30s. Jenni centers feminism, anti-racism, and anti-ableism in her work. in addition, her queerness and neurodiversity shine through everything she does.

GET the FAQs: What is Jenni’s Space?

Jenni has been writing since she could hold a crayon and has been opinionated since she could form a sentence. Jenni’s Space is where Jenni combines her own personal touch with mental health and human rights education. Here, Jenni’s Space combines education with poetry, short stories, and personal essays. Other “Jenni’s Spaces” focus more on one aspect or another.

Jenni understands that human rights and mental health can’t be untangled. Because of this, Jenni’s Space tries to always weigh what a person can do versus what a society can do. Jenni tries to help people stretch what they believe is possible. At the same time, she sees society’s responsibility for these problems and addresses them that way. 

Get the FAQs: Why Is Jenni Doing This?

Jenni has been described as passionate, stubborn, infuriating, and (by her husband) a “paladin in dented armor”. This work helps Jenni make the difference she wants to make in the world. Part of her goal is to slowly focus more on writing and videos and creative work. These will become a retirement income for her as she eventually leaves providing individual therapy behind. If you want to help Jenni meet this goal, subscribe to the videos on Patreon and get access 3 days earlier than on YouTube or this website. 

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