This is Me Being Human

I was trying to race against the coming of some company to finish setting prices and products in the store, but I was most of the way done, and something caused my database to go wonky, so I had to restore a backup of my website.

Long story short, I misunderstood how shipping and pricing work with my print-on-demand supplier, so I am redoing almost all of my prices (many of them unfortunately higher). I had them set that had anyone ordered anything while I was working, I would actually lose money fulfilling the orders.

So, two things: First, I will be updating prices through the end of November and will not be accepting sales in the shop through then. Second, I will also set up several permanent “coupon codes” that give discounts to reflect reductions in shipping costs (to me) for larger orders. These should be live no later than the first week of December, and I will NOT do that thing where sales go up and down. This is just a workaround to ensure that people get a bargain when they buy multiples of any particular type of item.

It’s almost time for my company to arrive.

Updated to add: Discounts are up on the website for December, and base prices are now correct. I will be adding coupon codes a few at a time. I will try to figure out how to allow people to use one coupon in addition to any sitewide sales I”m having. Stay tuned and keep checking back!

Thank you for stopping by!

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