The Last Frustrating Day of 2022

It has been a long day

It’s no secret that I’m as spicy as I am neurospicy and that while I have a bit of a sense of humor here and there when it comes to human rights, I really don’t have one. Long story short, I “boosted” a post on Facebook (advertised it) for my “Resistance is Necessary” stickers, which are clearly designed for people who support a cause related to human rights that is important to them.

As luck would have it, Facebook boosted my post straight to Trumpsylvania. There were no comments about the design, or whether it’d be useful in a particular protest or even “I hate the colors”. It was just mockery and bullying. And a spelling correction of a typo I made in the original title of the post that did not correct when I updated it.

Goodbye and Good Riddance

Folks, I don’t want any of my sites to be debate sites. I don’t have the energy for that. I’ve done my debating, much of it with myself over the years, and at this point, my goal is education and awareness. So I spent much of the day deleting comments that were actively harmful to the sorts of folk I want in my space.

Also, tech stuff

Some of you may have noticed that I sent out a couple of short picture posts with the titles some variation of “test” over the course of the day. Y’see, I had a Json error that just wasn’t resolving no matter what I did. I finally found the solution here (re-installed the classic editor then kept the plugin installed but switched to the block editor) and that fixed it. I think.

I also installed an app that will allow me to do my entire social media blitz of memes and poems and articles from right here at WordPress. If it works, it’ll make my life a lot simpler. I’ll post a recommendation when I know whether it works.

Finally, the life of a therapist

… means that even my vacations don’t truly belong to me. I’m feeling some feels right now about a situation someone I work with is going through, and over the next several days I will either manage those feelings on my own, or reach out for peer supervision. This is normal, but it’s still a not-fun part of the job.

Ah well. Tomorrow is a new day (and a new year)

… and I’ll wake up, and sit at my work spot (which is not a desk, for reasons) and do the things I need to do. And live my life. And love my people. And strive for balance and acceptance and a good use of rage and a horrific love of puns. See you tomorrow!

Thank you

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