I wrote this ages ago, and I’m not as keen on DBT as a whole system as I used to be. That said, the skills taught in DBT are very useful skills, and these sorts of exercises can help a lot of people.

How to Do a Behavioral Chain Analysis (The Simple Version) Reminder: A Behavioral Chain Analysis BCA should be done in between crises when you are relatively calm and relaxed. Each part should be completed in excruciating detail. Lots and lots and lots and lots of detail. (Behavioral Chain Analyses are part of …

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4 Ways To Handle Any Problem Pt 2 As promised, this is 4 Ways To Handle Any Problem Pt 2. The first half is here. The concept is taken from the orientation to DBT therapy from Marsha Linehan, Ph.D., and consists of four basic points:  One of the reasons I …

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Four Ways To Handle Any Problem (from DBT) explores what we already know about our choices, but don’t often think of consciously.