Starting The New Year With A New Batch Of Poems

As always, these poems are prompted by Tanweer Dar’s #MastoPrompt word of the day over on Mastodon. He’s on a large server that is federated with most significant server, so if you’re a writer, give his challenge a try. Some folks do #SmallPoems, others do #MicroFiction.

I’ve just been doing the poetry challenge but starting today, I’m adding microfiction. I’m cheating tho. I’m writing snippets using characters that have been living in my head for over a decade. I’ll start posting those next week. Anyhoo, here’s this week’s poems:


Summer has vanished
Without a vestige of warmth
Don’t forget your coat


Repeat the things that
bring laughter, love, and joy.
Minimize the rest.


Minimal effort
just a few words each morning
poetry habit


Fell in a crevice
between awake and asleep
got a reset day


May today be the
last day of your life that you
blame yourself for it

(this one hit a nerve with a lot of folks. Did it affect you, too?)


I am not a lawn

It dawns on me now
that all my fears were planted
to keep me docile

I fight against fear
Mow it like weeds and brambles


I’ll stick my neck out
It’s likely to get chopped off,
perhaps dull their axe.

Some thoughts on this week’s poems

I struggled to “feel” it this week. All the same, I wrote something every day, and I think most of them came out okay. I stuck with the haiku structure all week (Dawn is a leading line and then two haiku) which is unusual. I find that when I’m struggling, structure is good, and haiku is a particularly strict structure, which can be useful.

If you are thinking of getting into a writing habit, a daily poem can be a good way to start. You don’t have to be like me and share it with the world. Keep it somewhere private if you prefer. There are a lot of benefits to daily writing, not least of which are mental health benefits. In any case, I hope you like my poems. Please leave a comment letting me know what you thought.

Thank you

I appreciate your support. I especially like comments, follows, shares, and patronage. If one person a day let one person a day know I exist and write interesting stuff, pretty soon I could make a living at this. Let’s make that happen, okay? And a sawbuck to Paypal or a dollar to Patreon or Liberapay is enough to make me dance around the office in my PJs. Help an old lady get her cardiovascular fitness fix. Please?

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