Small Poems From MastoPrompt November, 2022

I’m re-posting all of my #MastoPrompt poems (mostly Haiku form and limericks) from November here. Hope you like them. Going forward I’ll be posting them per week vs per month.


With warp and weft we
Turn delicate threads into
a community


You’re a sight to see
A vision of loveliness
Do you see yourself?

white cup with saucer near bok


Death comes in her time
Sudden on cat feet or slow
Before we’re ready


Combining cultures
Like mastodon and bird app
finesse is needed


On the daily, we
dissect methodically the
traumas of our pasts


The tapes your parents gave you
Played day and night, subliminal
“Obey us and we’ll save you”
Probably should be criminal.


Says Bird App “we want MORE”
And Zuck App “your data, we implore”
No more I will linger
I give them the finger
And come to Masto, my peace to restore.

(this one has an entire conversation with another poet, that you can see here)


Snow is breathing heavily as it chases the last summer tomatoes.

The crickets have been silent for weeks.

The Christmas cactus is blooming, her orchid blooms a violent assault on her green succulent arms.

Too Soon! I tell her, Too Soon!

But it isn’t, really.


I’m fighting my brain
It’s going against the grain


When most folks find out
what’s underneath the anger
the pain starts healing


Poverty and pain
Are signs pointing the way to


In your haste for fame
are you rejecting love, friends
and community?

This is another one that sparked a poetry conversation (viewable here)


(this is one of my favorites)

The AI revolution has come
“What is human?” they cry
Silicon-based life forms,
or organics only?
How many limbs does a human have? And in what configuration?
Can beings without hearts, livers, and genitals be human?

(Of course, they can)
(Of course, they can’t)

Err in the favor of …

The battle begins.


A farmer encountered a fox
creeping up on his poultry flocks
He sat on a stool
thinking “oh, I am a fool”
For leaving the coop without locks


From the free version
We’ll upgrade you to deluxe
It just costs a soul

(this one inspired a LONG poetry conversation that was eventually published here)


(re: Qanon)

Embellish the lie
with bells, whistles, and hatred
Don’t fret, they’ll buy it.


It’s NaNoWriMo
Absolutely no pressure
Only two days left


Barren tree limbs call
“Dress us with snow, O winter!”
And we will slumber

That’s All For This Post

Drop me a line and let me know which poems are your favorite and why (because of the nature of human rights and mental health work, I do moderate every comment, but still encourage them)

Thank you

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