Anti-Racism Resources

Welcome to my racism resources page! If you are here, it is because you have decided to research racism on your own. Or perhaps someone has sent you here because they think you need to understand racism better. If you are someone affected by racism, you may be here to find resources for someone in your life who is not. We use the Merriam-Webster definition of racism on this page. If you’re not familiar with it, please click the link. Essentially, the definition of racism must include the ability to influence society. If it does not, it is discrimination, not racism. And personal feelings about race are prejudice.

How I decide what racism resources to include:

The sources I use fall in three main categories:

  • Racism resources created by people affected by racism for a general audience.
  • Resources created by people affected by racism for other people of color.
  • Finally, resources created by people not affected by racism (folks coded as “white”) for other white people.

It’s inappropriate for white people to attempt to educate people of color on racism, so that’s not what I do here.

All that said, this page links specific resources at the top, and then serves as a category archive for articles I have written here. I hope that you find it useful and pass it around to everyone you know!

Racism Resources to Explore: Black Experiences


So You Want To Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo – highly recommended

The New Jim Crow – Michelle Alexander. She is being given mass bad reviews by bad actors. Please buy and read and leave a review reflective of its true worth.

And Hood Feminism – Mikki Kendall. I’ve followed Mikki online for decades. She knows her stuff.

More Anti-Racism Books


University of Washington Race and Equity Initiative – LOTS of great links

Shriver Center on Poverty Law Anti-Racism Resources – Another trove of great links, this time focused more on history and background.

The 1619 Project – Named for the year that Black Africans were first enslaved in what later became the United States, this is an attempt to reframe our history based on how foundational slavery was to the rise of the United States.

Audio and Video:

Jane Elliott’s Anti-Racism videos – I created this playlist for white people to be better neighbors to people of color.

The 1619 Podcast – Reflections on Blackness and Enslavement and Americanism by people involved in the 1619 project

Resources to Explore: Native Experiences


Unworthy Republic – Claudio Saint (on my to-read list)


Audio and Video

Resources to Explore: Asian Experiences

Racism Resources to Explore: Intersectionalism