This page includes online and print resources that can help you engage with people on the issues of relationships and in the context of a just world. Some resources use affiliate links. This is a way for me to get paid for the labor of gathering together these links without charging your for it. I appreciate your understanding. Each link on this page goes to a category page with links for specific resources, and each of those links will go to a page that has a brief description or review of the resource in question. Note: The social justice resources are primarily for those who aren’t in the particular population being discussed. I am not here to speak to people about their own lived experiences.

Below is the list of topics I will eventually have resources on. As each link goes live, follow it for useful information (a note: most of these resources are intersectional):


  • anxiety
  • depression
  • trauma
  • emotional regulation
  • executive function
  • autism
  • ADHD
  • distress tolerance


  • parenting
  • dating
  • domestic violence
  • business relationships
  • friendship
  • family

Social Justice:

  • feminism
  • racism
  • LGBTQIA+ (QUILTBAG) issues
  • poverty
  • democracy
  • international issues
  • classism
  • privilege (white, male, cis, straight, etc.)
  • disability

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