Pricing Policy

The Philosophy I’m Following:

I provide physical and digital goods (via this website) and services (vs my therapy business). The goals of providing these goods and services include:

  1. Improving the individual mental health and experience of human rights of people I interact with.
  2. Improving overall mental health and human rights in the world.
  3. And making a living that will allow me to retire at some point.

I have no desire to be wealthy, nor do I wish to live in poverty (again) in my life. I simply want to provide goods and services people want and need at prices that value the work I do and make customers happy.

green plant in clear glass cup

Talking strictly about the goods in my Goodies and Gear shop here, the pricing policy I follow is:

  1. I add the wholesale cost of the item and shipping cost together (averaged if it varies by location)
  2. I multiply by 30% and round up to 99 cents on the dollar for the retail amount.
  3. I do NOT charge extra for larger sizes of clothes, and I don’t charge additional shipping to the US, UK, EU, and EFTA shipping regions. For all other regions, I add a flat $19,99 to cover shipping and handling.
  4. I hold regular 10% off sales to allow folks to capture bargains.
  5. Because shipping is significantly cheaper when shipping multiples of the same item, I will be adding coupons for bulk sales that will be included on this page as I create them. These coupons will allow me to pass on my savings to you.

Coupon Codes (will appear here as I create them)

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