Poems For That Busy Third Week of December

These poems are created over on Mastodon using the #MastoPrompt word of the day that Tanweer Dar sets up for anyone to use. I try to usually link my poems to either mental health, human rights, or both, but sometimes I fail. This week’s poems are a bit of a mixed bag. I hope you enjoy them.


A good bout of tears
will always be cathartic
but also, vomit.


Neutrality is not useful in a tug-of-war between power and rights.

Power vacuums it up, claims it, and uses it to blow rights away.

(I’m not sure that was really a poem, but…)


But it’s just an inch
Promise. It’ll be a cinch
Just some rights from here, and
your dreams and career and…
Oh, stop it! why did you flinch?


Hey, kid, what’s your name?
Are you hungry? Cold? Tired?
Have a hot dinner.

No, there’s no sermon
There’s a warm, safe place to sleep.
No longer homeless.


So the Bird site still emits
fart sounds from its armpits
Frankly, I don’t give two shits
I’m just glad I called it quits


Poe’s bells tinkle and ring,
alarum and groan
of birth and weddings
and lives lived and gone
From the day we are born
to the day that we die
his bells, they forewarn
each hello and goodbye

(I can’t compete with Edgar Allen Poe’s The Bells so I thought I’d reference it instead.)


All choices come with loss
We should always ask ourselves
Was it worth the gain?

That’s it for this week:

If you want to participate, join a Mastodon server that is federated with Tanweer Dar‘s server (most of them) and take the plunge.

Thank you

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