Poems for December 2022- Two Weeks In

Here are this week’s #SmallPoems from the #MastoPrompt tag on Mastodon. As always, thanks go to Tanweer Dar for creating the prompts every day. I am in the process (about 2 weeks behind) of turning all of the poems into sharable pictures. As always, poems or not, fiction or not, my work largely centers around mental health and human rights themes.


Plummeting through infinity
Questions of masculinity and femininity
No longer remain
as we strive to attain
The long-promised goal of divinity


I’m vaccinated
Your wiles and flattery
fall short. I’m immune.

BlizzardTurn a blizzard into blissLike this:A safe place to rest your headEnough to keep you warm and fedA friend who shares your companyA cat, a book, and cup of tea.Jenni Lileswww.jennisspace.com


It is easy to
get frozen in the moment
before making change


She pulled the chair out from under me
As I cried she laughed at the joke.
Everyone joined in.
She was charming, she was.
Fifty years later, my tailbone is still broken.
The pain still lingers.
I asked my dad about it once, long after she was dead.
“She wasn’t abusive, honey.
She was just capricious”.


Ring around a Rosie
A pocket full of poesy
I refused the vaccine
Due to memes I had seen
Gee, this grave is awfully cozy.


Turn a blizzard into bliss
Like this:
A safe place to rest your head
Enough to keep you warm and fed
A friend who shares your company
A cat, a book, and cup of tea.


Do you want to reciprocate?
That depends: It’s the consummate
“Perhaps- let’s meditate”
Maybe reciprocate if they want to
dedicate or

Or not if they want to
dominate or

And that’s all for now

Try to use the days and hours you’re given to find ways to enjoy and appreciate life and make life better for yourself and others whenever you can, and when you can’t, remember to ask for the help you need. You deserve happiness, safety, and love.

Thank you

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