Patreon Membership Tier Updates

Today I totally revamped my Patreon membership tiers from top to bottom.
In short:
  • I  release all videos, audio files, and articles to the public after a one-week Patron-exclusive period. Also, I encourage Patrons and non-Patrons to join the Out Of My Mind Facebook group. The group provides a moderated space to safely discuss the issues with living with mental health challenges in an unjust world. 
  • Patrons at the $1 level and above will get same-day access to videos, audio, and articles. I will also credit all Patrons in the closing credits of all full-length videos and on the website. 
  • Patrons at the $5 membership level and above will receive a free hand-colored postcard or 8×11 inch poster. These are like those I color during videos. At the $5 level and above, Patrons can also participate in 1-hour discussions of the previous week’s content on Discord. 
  • Membership at the $10 level allows Patrons to participate in choosing future topics for the video/audio/article treatment in addition to all the previous perks. 
  • For only $20 per month, Patrons will get (in addition to everything listed above) the opportunity to have a short written answer (3-4 paragraphs) to a specific question about a specific issue they are dealing with regarding their mental health. 
  • At the level of a $40 dollar monthly membership, Patrons will have access to a half hour small group virtual meeting to discuss and build coping skills and receive life coaching. If I have enough patrons that this becomes unwieldy for me, I will hire qualified and trained folks to assist me.
  • Patrons who are generous enough to maintain an $80 Patreon membership will receive one-on-one, one-hour consultation with me or someone I hire, to help them build life skills and receive general life coaching, once a month. All people providing this service will be licensed or provisionally licensed mental health professionals in at least one United States locality. 

Why Change the Patreon Membership tiers? 
I realized that I wanted to offer a lot more help than I could feasibly do for “free”. So what I have done here is created a nearly full service “fill in the gaps” mental health service that provides support and advice for people who are in between therapists or who are seeking additional assistance between therapy visits. Because of interstate licensing issues, it is not possible for me to offer “online counseling” at this point. That will require an outlay of capital I don’t have. But I can provide meaningful services from qualified professionals at an affordable price.  Your Patreon membership, even at the highest level, costs much less than weekly therapy does without insurance. 
If you know anyone who can benefit from these Patreon membership services, please pass it along. I will be starting to credit people with my next video and will be opening the Discord server in July.

Thank you. 

I am sincerely grateful for the support of my family, friends, therapy participants, and Patrons. Let me know how this article has helped, and feel free to share your own stories in the comments. Thank you. 
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I am looking for contributors to the website. Especially and specifically I am looking for contributors from diverse backgrounds including Black people and other people of color, transgender and non-binary people, and people who live with mental health issues. I will buy one-time publication rights and pay $10 for up to 1000 words or for a meme’d image that I agree to use. 
Finally, I donate half of every dollar I make from videos, podcasts, and writing to my best friend, Katherine Malone.  She has a deadly heart condition and needs a heart transplant. Before she can be placed on the transplant list, she must raise $20,000 for anti-rejection drugs. Learn more here and here, and go here to donate directly to her GoFundMe. This will continue until Kathy’s heart is fully funded. After that, I will continue to donate half up to $500 per month to help her pay for her anti-rejection meds. 
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