We need to stop calling the police a profession until they become one. There are certain basic standards that professions require. Unfortunately, current US police work doesn’t qualify.

Jenni’s Space (my space) is a messy space. It is a creative space. It is a space that centers on human rights and mental health and points out how the two interact. Jenni’s Space is a warm and inviting space for queer folk, geeks, and freaks. It’s for people from …

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A few hours ago it was loud here.

Shouts of joy, questions, and last days of school excitement turned to screams

Intersectionality is Hard for White Folk White people carry the power of white privilege in every conversation on intersectionality. And in all Western spaces, white privilege weighs more than any other privilege. It is heavier than male privilege, wealth and power privileges, able-bodied privilege, neurotypical privilege — you name it, …

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