Jenni’s Space: Welcome to the Freaky, Geeky, Queer Conversation

Jenni’s Space (my space) is a messy space. It is a creative space. It is a space that centers on human rights and mental health and points out how the two interact. Jenni’s Space is a warm and inviting space for queer folk, geeks, and freaks. It’s for people from all walks of life who love a bit differently and live a bit differently.

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When I was a girl, I used to pore through the Sunday supplemental “magazine” in my local paper looking for nuggets of wisdom. I found a meditation one Sunday when I was a kid that I have used ever since. I won’t bore you with the details, but the bottom line was that it asked the person meditating to create a personal space where they felt safe and welcome.

My inner meditation space lived in an open-air courtyard surrounded by porches that protected you from the weather, with hammocks and couches and benches and a garden and tea table and wild areas where small wildlife flourished. The kind of place you stumble upon by accident in a fairy tale. For me, that’s what Jenni’s Space is. A home that you return to and take comfort from and know will always be there for you.

My goal for Jenni’s Space is to renew hope and to share and dispel fear and despair. Jenni’s Space also ties together what is helpful for individuals for their mental health and what is helpful for the larger society in terms of human rights. So it mixes practical mental health and activism advice with poems, short fiction, and just stuff I’m interested in.

Jenni’s Space is my space, my “internet living room”. Freaks, geeks, and queer folks can form a community here, learn, and get and give support. Welcome.

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Jennifer Liles is the owner and webmistress for Jenni's Space and Responsive Mental Health Services LLC. She is dedicated to mental health and human rights for freaks, geeks, and queer folk. She uses the Jenni's Space label for places where she combines education about, advocacy for, and celebration of mental health and human rights. This information is primarily for neurodiverse people, people with mental health issues, people who are on the queer spectrum, disabled people, and Black and Indigenous and other people of color. There are also discussions for privileged people about privilege and how it intersects with human rights work.