Grief Hit Harder Than Planned

First my dad died, and I grieved. In the middle of that, I had another loss that affected me greatly, and I grieved again. Months of successful regular creative work went by the wayside. I’m starting to emerge, but the process is fragile at best. My thought is to add my (other) hyperfixations to this website in addition to mental health and human rights. So in addition to poetry, DnD maps and background for my homebrew world, content on knitting, gardening, occasional cooking, and whatever else fascination of the week (including video games and new tech) comes to mind.

Living with a neurodiverse brain means navigating hyperfixations, so maybe this will be a way to model that in a way that appeals to people. I like having this space way over here on an open source platform (WordPress) away from the political and economic decisions of Mssrs Musk and Zuckerberg. Also, and, I might also put up some of my TikTok videos over here.

Cultivating Joy is an Act of Resistance

Anyhow, I’m on a sick day from work this morning and don’t have the energy to write much more, but I’m alive and relatively well and hopefully back to producing regular content.

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