Great News! The Jenni’s Space Shop Will Open Soon!

Yea, I went commercial and started a Jenni’s Space Shop. Please ignore the iteration currently on the website for now, though. I’m still working on coding it and setting it up. My goal is to have it up and running and meeting international commerce standards by August 1, 2022, which happens to be my 56th birthday, my 25th wedding anniversary, the 9th anniversary of my business, and a major pagan holiday, Lughnassad, the first of the three harvest festivals.

This is the header for the Jenni’s Space Shop

The Jenni’s Space Shop (this link is to Etsy’s version) features my design, mostly on products provided by Printful. I chose Printful because of its excellent reviews and decent transparency about sourcing its products. I might occasionally as time goes on add in things I’ve knitted. However, hand knitting is extremely labor-intensive, so most of my hand knitting will be priced out of the range of average people (I hope to be able to provide inexpensive patterns, though.

What Will Be In the Shop?

To start with, the Jenni’s Space Shop will sell almost entirely “swag”. I have a large collection of inspirational and funny sayings stored on my One Note. Every week or two or three I’ll pick one or two of them to create a set of related designs. I’ll set them up with compatible Printful products, and post them here and on my Etsy shop.

Over time I plan to enlist the help of actual artists (instead of an amateur like me) to create coloring page designs. I can use those for products that celebrate hard-won mental health and support hard to win human rights. I will also create physical and digital projects and patterns for hobbies such as bullet journaling, coloring, knitting, et cetera. Finally, I plan to create mental health journals and activism journals for people who are on journeys to make a difference.

What if I Don’t Want to Wait Until August To Shop Jenni’s Space?

Good news! I have already opened my Etsy Jenni’s Space shop, and you are welcome to order there. As of this writing (June 6, 2022), I only have one design and 10 products in the store. I’m already hard at work on my 2nd design and hope to have more products up next week. I try to minimize the impact of commercialism on my readers and to maximize the impact on mental health and human rights. Because of that, I am trying to provide functional, attractive items that “sell” the idea that your hard-won mental health (even if imperfect) is worth celebrating, and that human rights are worth fighting for.

This concludes my commercial for Jenni’s Space Shop. We will now return you to your regular mental health and human rights programming. Have the best day possible for you. If you can’t have a great day, have a day during which you are gentle to yourself. If you like what I’m up to in my little corner of the internet, please share, like, follow, and let people know what I’m doing.

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