Early December Poems 2022- Fall is Falling

Each of the poems in this post was written for #MastoPrompt, which is a writing challenge on the Mastodon Fediverse. The prompter gives a word, and each poet or short story writer uses that word or concept in the work they create in the space of a 500-character post on Mastodon. The creator of MastoPrompt is Tan (Tanweer Dar). Go give him a follow.

A lot of what I write for these is haiku, poems in haiku form that are not haiku because they don’t reference seasons or the natural world, limericks, and free verse. Occasionally I write I bit of doggerel that doesn’t fit any of these categories, and even more occasionally a sonnet. I hope you enjoy them.


CrispAh, the mouthfeel isSo crisp, flaky, custardylovely pumpkin pie

Ah, the mouthfeel is
So crisp, flaky, custardy
lovely pumpkin pie.


When your palette of
feelings grows black with anger
It all looks the same.


Some podcasters have no capacity
For service, honor, or veracity
They just trade in hate
And those they can bait
To sell ads to rubes with pugnacity


With a stroke of luck
An ordinary person
becomes prosperous

Looking behind them
They only see their hard work
Not their good fortune

They toss some change
To unfortunate people
“I’m better than them”

But fortune changes
And treasure evaporates
Ordinary stays.

You are not, in fact
so extraordinary.
Back to the hustle.


Everything is artificial
and everything is real
When you can wrap your brain around this dialectical
Wisdom begins.

T-t-that’s all, folks

I switched from monthly to weekly this week, so this is all the poems for this week. I’ll have more next week. Occasionally I miss a day, but usually there will be seven for you.

Thank you

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