Dilemma Starting a New Project and I Hope it Succeeds

Here’s the first dilemma I’m proposing, and this is one I’m facing as I write this:

“I am starting a new project where I ask a community I don’t really even have yet to answer questions that other folks ask and help them figure out how to handle their dilemmas.

“The problem is that I’m scared no one will show up. I’m just starting out and I hope this succeeds because if it succeeds it could help a whole lot of people. What advice do you have for me?”

(note from Jenni: No one did show up, and that’s okay. The issue is still one that lots of people have, so I’m leaving this up)


starting today, I’m posting a dilemma a day here and elsewhere. Join in the conversation! #fyp #mentalhealth #humanrights

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General things to keep in mind when helping with dilemmas:

  • Validate first and last. When someone is asking for help, they can be very fragile and need a lot of reassurance. So even if you have to be very direct and possibly discouraging (reality testing) in the middle, start and end with something positive.
  • Look for practical things you have knowledge about. If you have experience with something they’re experiencing, share it, and if you know of some resources that might help, share them.
  • Don’t be afraid to be blunt if you see problems with the way they’re looking at the problem that are causing them to focus on the wrong thing. We want their ladder on the right wall.
  • If you’ve felt how they feel now, and you found a way through it, sharing that and being vulnerable about it can be a huge help.

My response to this dilemma:

Hey, NJ. Good on you trying to do this new project. It sounds like an interesting project. Breaking into making a living by building a social media community is very hard, and you’ll have lots of competition. Be sure you’re offering something that is real and true to you, or you won’t stand out from the pack. Also, network a LOT. The more you help other people, the more they will help you. There will probably be some setbacks and changes of plan, but don’t give up. I believe in you!.

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