Design is a Process

… and on that note, I’ll be pulling down my “Life is Too Short” series because I have a new design concept I like better. If you’re really in love with this one, I’m planning to keep the templates so I recreate an item if requested, but over the next month or so, I’m going to replace each item with the new design. For reference, here is the old design:

Text: Life is too short to fold socks and undies (unless you want to) Image: Child with long hair hanging upside down from a clothes line along with laundry and a kat on an irregular bright blue background.

And here is the new design:

Yes, just the basics. For a couple of items, I’m adding a “cloud” background, but only where necessary. I should have the updates done by no later than the end of January. If you want the old version, you’ll need to hurry and order before I swap it out.

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