Compassion, Connection, and Community: Three Joyful Goals in Life

Compassion, connection, and community are the center of everything I write. Compassion towards others and towards yourself are both important. Connection again involves yourself and others. Sometimes I help people learn to connect with themselves on a deeper level. This includes sometimes setting better boundaries with people. I also write about people and how they get along with others. Communities can include your family, your neighborhood, or the whole world. Because everyone matters, this is a place where the impact of what people do is centered. I work on what people intend to do by helping them have the result they wanted to have. And that means that sometimes I’m going to tell you that what you’re doing is harming people, even if you’re trying not to.

The Compassion Centered Purpose of Out of My Mind

I’ve finally reached a decision. I’m not going anywhere now. Because I like having a place on the web where I can post my own stuff that *I* host. Now I will be porting my TikTok videos here and to YouTube. You can also find my YouTube videos here (longer format), and I will occasionally be writing articles and poems and microfiction like always.

Most of what I do helps people build compassion, including self-compassion. This compassion helps to develop healthy connections between people. I talk about healthy and unhealthy connections. Often I’ll link the health of individual connections to the health of the community. Much too often, I have to address the issue of dealing with people who harm others, and how to hold them accountable in your life.

How I’m Building Compassion, Connection, and Community

I write. I create short personal videos and longer relaxing videos. And I provide therapy as my full time job. I always work to help people match their actions to what they intend to do, and sometimes help them refine their intent in ways that enrich their lives. I keep in mind that we work within systems that can get in our way. Often I’ll talk about how to handle those systems, whether that means changing them or living within them.

I’ve got a LOT of TikTok videos to caption. Once they’re captioned, I’m re-posting them at TikTok, YouTube, and here. I’m also going back through my YouTube videos and fixing the auto CC so they’re easier to read. And I have room here to say what I want to say about my videos here. Like you, I sometimes make mistakes and my actions don’t match what I intend to do. This provides me a place to reflect on how to be better. That way, I can model for you the kind of thing you’ll do for yourself to build more compassion, connection, and community.

So if you want to like yourself and the people around you more, have more fun, and build a better world for more people, you’re in the right place. Howdy. I’m here to help.

Bonus Video

To get you started, I’m including the reworked version of my very first TikTok video. I was annoyed with Joe that day because he spoke without thinking. He hurt people where he was trying to create community. I pointed this out in hopes that his “people” would see it and help him do better. I hope you enjoy it. If you like what I’m doing, please follow, like, comment and share so that we can build something together.


#1minutethought #repost of my very first TikTok with CC. Practicing my skills and letting you see me learn. from 5-22-20

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