(This is my rambling review of “Still Just a Geek” by Wil Wheaton, with a side of reflection.

You wanna know my girl geek cred? Read on for it, and my review.

Jenni’s Space (my space) is a messy space. It is a creative space. It is a space that centers on human rights and mental health and points out how the two interact. Jenni’s Space is a warm and inviting space for queer folk, geeks, and freaks. It’s for people from …

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reclaiming your power

Compassion, connection, and community are three ways to increase the amount of joy both in your life and in the world. Let’s build them.

Over the next several days I will be experimenting with a new title font and possibly with new body fonts. I got some feedback that the Google Permanent Marker font I’ve been using as a title font is hard to read for some people. I’ve downloaded a few new fonts …

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