Announcement: More Content!

More Content

Over the next few weeks, I will be experimenting with adding more content to the website for you. I will separate memes into their own articles for you. Sometimes I will write short “listicles” of mental health tips and social justice points.  More microfiction. Some shares and reviews of stuff from other sites. More of the short videos. 

More content means more help for the people I’m trying to reach. All of the new content will be free for all, and not behind the Patreon exclusive premier wall. My Responsive Mental Health Services LLC site has the tagline “we specialize in listening”. That is the parent idea under which I created this site. So I’m listening. 

People want more content. They want shorter content. They want content in various forms that they can share wherever they want. So I will produce more memes, more short articles and listicles, and more microfiction and possibly poetry. I will also find other peoples’ work, and share it here with some insight into what works and what doesn’t. Also, I find that there is more interest in my social justice writings than I anticipated, so there will be more of that and I will stop trying to separate it out from the main content. So “just” mental health (as in, mental health infused with justice). 

When I updated my tagline to better reflect what I want to do, “mental health life skills from a social justice perspective,” I realized that my long article format was a barrier to giving people “life skills”. So I will be adding more content that is shorter, more picture and video focused and more “digestible” in a ten-minute break. 

I hope you like the changes!

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An opportunity to participate and support my work:

My microfiction is always free. I do it for fun. However, the rest of the offerings at are mostly funded by the generosity of my Patrons at Patreon. I have created my membership tiers to make it possible to pay little to nothing and get benefit from my work. However, if you want more individualized choices such as helping to choose topics, participating in discussions about the writing, or group or individual life coaching, there are membership tiers for that! Please head over to my Patreon and figure out which membership tier works for you. And all readers, Patrons or not, are invited to join the Out of My Mind Facebook Group, which is a moderated space where people can deal with the challenges they face in ways consistent with what I’m teaching here. 

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If you’re broke and can’t become a Patreon member, you can still help. I very much appreciate those folk who like, share, comment, and subscribe to my work including on my YouTube page and Facebook pages, at Soundcloud, and on the website here. 

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Thank you. 

I am sincerely grateful for the support of my family, friends, therapy participants, and Patrons. Let me know how this article has helped, and feel free to share your own stories in the comments. Thank you.

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Other ways to see my content include:


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I am looking for contributors to the website. Especially and specifically I am looking for contributors from diverse backgrounds including Black people and other people of color, transgender and non-binary people, and people who live with mental health issues. I will buy one-time publication rights and pay $10 for up to 1000 words or for a meme’d image that I agree to use. Microfiction needs to be 300 words or less per story.

I currently (summer, 2019) donate half of every dollar I make from videos, podcasts, and writing to my best friend, Katherine Malone.  She has a deadly heart condition and needs a heart transplant. Before she can be placed on the transplant list, she must raise $20,000 for anti-rejection drugs. Learn more here and here, and go here to donate directly to her GoFundMe. This will continue until Kathy’s heart is fully funded. After that, I will continue to donate half up to $500 per month to help her pay for her anti-rejection meds.

Finally, the time you spend to make your life better and build your skills is worth it. You deserve to have your life meet your needs. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. 

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Jennifer Liles is the owner and webmistress for Jenni's Space and Responsive Mental Health Services LLC. She is dedicated to mental health and human rights for freaks, geeks, and queer folk. She uses the Jenni's Space label for places where she combines education about, advocacy for, and celebration of mental health and human rights. This information is primarily for neurodiverse people, people with mental health issues, people who are on the queer spectrum, disabled people, and Black and Indigenous and other people of color. There are also discussions for privileged people about privilege and how it intersects with human rights work.