Abortion Has Been Illegal Before, so What is Different Now?

Context of Abortion in Black and White: *I wrote this article on the end of safe abortion largely for white people who have little or no understanding of Black reproductive history in the US. If you’re Black and I got things wrong, please speak up. Folks, we’re not going to get a miracle. Roe v. Wade was finished the day Donald Trump was sworn into office. This was a coup fifty years in the making. And it has nothing to do with “saving unborn babies”. It has to do with racism, folks. It’s the same racism that killed 10 Black …

Human Rights Day: What One Thing Would You Change?

Human Rights are a Dilemma for Everyone Today, in honor of Human Rights Day, instead of solving an individual dilemma, I have a different idea. What is one issue that is considered “human rights” that you devote a lot of time and energy to and why? What would be an ideal outcome for your efforts? My Chosen Human Rights Improvement: I had to think long and hard on this one, because there are so many issues under the umbrella of human rights that are near and dear to my heart. So I focused on finding one action that could lift …

When Failure Looms: What Helps When You’re Genuinely Distracted?

Dilemma #3: Genuinely Distracted Join our community in helping folks solve this dilemma: “No matter how hard I try, when I sit down to work on a project, I can only go for about 20 minutes and then I get frustrated and stop. Sometimes I’ll play a game or watch videos, and sometimes I just stare into space. Then my project ends up turned in late, if at all. Any ideas for how I can get things done? ” -Genuinely Distracted- General things to keep in mind when helping folks with their dilemmas: – Validate first and last. When someone …

Stop Lurking: Solve this Challenging ED Recovery and Family Dilemma

Use Your Skills to Help With this ED Reovery Dilemma In honor of National Brownie Day, I submit this dilemma: “I (she/her) am in recovery from an eating disorder (ED recovery), and have finally gotten to the point that I am eating a healthy diet and no longer purging or restricting. But my mom and aunt are constantly urging me to go on a diet because I’m a bit thick these days. I try to explain that I’m healthier than I’ve ever been, but they don’t get it. What can I do with the winter holidays coming up?”-Healthier Than Ever- …

#1 Dilemma: Starting a New Project and I Hope it Succeeds

Here’s the first dilemma I’m proposing, and this is one I’m facing as I write this: “I am starting a new project where I ask a community I don’t really even have yet to answer questions that other folks ask and help them figure out how to handle their dilemmas. “The problem is that I’m scared no one will show up. I’m just starting out and I hope this succeeds, because if it succeeds it could help a whole lot of people. What advice do you have for me?”-NJ- General things to keep in mind when helping with dilemmas: Validate …

Reclaiming Your Power (and Captions)

It appears that the simplest way to add TikTok videos to the website is to simply attach them to posts. With that in mind, here are some I did quite awhile back, two on reclaiming your power and one an update on captions on TikTok.

This is an update to my post about going captionless. In the time since this post and the one preceding it, I’ve listened to a lot of people with a stake in the issue. Also, TikTok has made adding captions trivially easy, so going forward from about April, most of my videos include the native CC.

Reclaiming your power is tough. After you have gotten used to the idea that others have power over you, changing that is difficult and necessary. It’s also part of becoming a happier, healthier person.

More on reclaiming your power and the benefits and costs of doing so. This involves believing and thinking things that we choose. Sometimes before we even act on those beliefs.

Go to TikTok to see more of my short videos, YouTube for a combination of short and longer videos, or Twitch to join me as I game and talk about mental health, human rights, and basic civics. To support my work, please sign up for my Patreon or tip at Paypal. While you’re here at Out of My Mind, check out my constantly growing list of resources.

I am always interested in feedback about what you would like to see more of here. As I build this site into a resource for people, I want people to let me know what they find most useful.

You might also want to try reading Breaking Free from the Victim Trap: Reclaiming Your Power by Diane Zimberoff

Criticism is not Force, It’s An Opportunity

Criticism is not force. Over on @tblizzy’s Tiktok, she has been doing a lot of amazing accomplice work with transfolk. She has been standing up for them against an onslaught of straight men who got extremely fragile and angry in her comments. They claimed she was “forcing” them to date trans women. Because she was pointing out that, parts aside* refusing to date trans women even if there is no external evidence they are trans is transphobia. @tblizzy may have singlehandedly inspired the “super straight” pseudo-identity. (More on that later). *(you can make a case that a preference for certain …

Overwhelmed and Exhausted by Trump Stress? What Now?

Four Years of Trump Stress Trump stress means that for the last four years, the Trump presidency has been the direct cause of untold manhours of productivity, creativity, and general function for people in the United States and in the rest of the world. I’m sure someone will take the time to quantify it at some point, but I’m not the one. I’m just introducing you to the concept. As I am writing this, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have won the electoral college conclusively. Yet Trump and supporters around the country are continuing to threaten and harass and refuse …

Font Experiments

Over the next several days I will be experimenting with a new title font and possibly with new body fonts. I got some feedback that the Google Permanent Marker font I’ve been using as a title font is hard to read for some people. I’ve downloaded a few new fonts and will play with them. If you see one you like, let me know.